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Summer Specials
  2. Gel Full Set
  3. Gel Fill
  2. Mini Gel Pedicure (30 minutes)
  4. Gel Mani & Pedi
  6. Glitter / Nail Art
    $1 ea
  7. Nail Repair
    $5 ea
  2. Gel Polish fingers & toes
  3. Gel Polish fingers or toes
  4. Gel Polish removal and change
  6. Gel Manicure
  7. Natural Nail Manicure

A little about me

A change in career

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Hello, my name is Rhiannon (sounds like Shannon but with an R), and I am a Licensed Nail Technologist, (License # M-42077).  After many years and a successful career in Commercial Property Management, I began to feel anxious.  I have always had the desire to own my own business and be my own boss.  Work hard to accomplish my goals.  But like many, I just wasn’t sure what type of business.

I'll admit, when it came to getting my nails done I was the type of client who usually decided or remembered last minute.  And as many of you know, it’s often difficult to show-up at a salon (usually during the lunch hour) and be seen.  More often than not, I was turned away or asked to "come back later."  But I didn’t have "later" I had right now.  One day while sitting and waiting for a nail tech (because I didn’t have an appointment), I remember thinking I needed to find a tech who was willing to work with me and around my schedule.  Someone who was flexible and available. 

After much discussion with my family, I decided to return to school and pursue a new career as a Nail Technologist.  I had my business goal in mind and was focused.  I attended and graduated from Redkin International Academy of Style.  Took my Nail Technologist test through the State Board and became licensed. 
Part 1 of my goal accomplished.
The Distinguished Diva
Focuses on the busy individual

If you have a need for a licensed nail technologist who will work around your schedule, then I’m your tech!

I specialize in all aspects of Gel nails.  Why Gel?  Well for starters, Gel is odorless.  The curing time is fast.  Gel nails and polish dry immediately upon completion of the service (with the use of a UV light), so there is no worrying about smudging or ruining your manicure.  Gel nails feel more natural and less rigid than acrylic. They're also flexible in comparison to acrylic.  Gel offers an alternative if you’ve experienced an allergic reaction to acrylic or nail resin.  If you usually get acrylic nails and have experience chips or your nails tend to "pop-off" try gel.  I can fill the growth with gel which provides a gradual change to gel nails without the harshness and painful removal process.  Soft gels (gel polish) is easily removed with acetone (when soaked) and does little to no damage to the natural nail. Gel polish can last up to 3 weeks with no chipping, peeling or cracking (this varies depending on how rough you are on your nails).  Gel polish holds shine and does not fade or discolor like nail lacquer aka polish.  

From full sets to manicures.  I have organized my tools of the trade to be able to offer such services
on your schedule.  
Here are some examples of my art work
  1. Title 5
    Title 5
  2. Title 6
    Title 6
  3. Title 7
    Title 7
  4. Title 8
    Title 8
  5. Title 9
    Title 9
  6. Title 10
    Title 10
  7. Title 11
    Title 11
  8. Title 12
    Title 12
  9. Title 13
    Title 13
  10. Title 14
    Title 14
  11. Pink & White Glitter
    Pink & White Glitter
  12. 4th of July Nails
    4th of July Nails
  13. Title 16
    Title 16
  14. Title 17
    Title 17
  15. Title 18
    Title 18
  16. Title 19
    Title 19
  17. Title 20
    Title 20
  18. Title 21
    Title 21
  19. Title 22
    Title 22
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